The Dixie Pixie, her Crew, and the Dust from her Travels

About us:

Hi. We’re Butch and Cheri.

After 28 years of motor home travel, we decided to take a minimalistic approach to RV travel. We bought a 2018 Casita Liberty Deluxe 17’ travel trailer to pull with Butch’s F150 4X4. In August, we drove from our home in Florida to pick up our little camper at the factory in Rice, Texas. And the adventure began!

It’s been a bit of a challenge adjusting to smaller space and very limited storage, but we have the basics: bathroom with shower, kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, and 3-burner range, and enough cabinets to accommodate my cookware and a few small appliances. The diminutive trailer soon earned a nickname: Dixie Pixie. It’s fun and little, like a pixie, and we’re from the South, AKA Dixie.

Ten days before our trip to Rice, we were blessed and cursed with a brand new puppy, a Shihtzu Butch named Nova. Apparently, we started her off right because she loves to go bye-bye. She is a great little traveler and camper.


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  1. Lindy Early, · June 2, 2019

    Look forward to following you!


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