Camp Driveway, anyone?

The global Coronavirus quarantine got you down? Is cabin fever consuming you? Then consider this (I can’t take credit for the idea. It came from a Facebook group of fiberglass trailer enthusiasts): #Campdriveway.

Here’s the idea: Let’s have a huge, cross-country, cross-continent Pod Rally. We can name it CAMP DRIVEWAY.
Anyone who has their camper at home, let’s do a sleep-in on Saturday, March 28. We would have the potential of being the biggest rally ever! (For those who don’t have their camper at home, join us anyway!)

It will be so much fun to post pictures of you and your families on social media enjoying this nationwide, continent wide event.

Are you in? See you all next Saturday, March 28! #CAMPDRIVEWAY


Social Media

We haven’t traveled lately in Dixie Pixie but we do keep in touch with others who are fiberglass travel trailer (egg) enthusiasts via social media. Facebook groups, for example, are usually private members-only forums where you can exchange tips and techs, and where you can swap honest campground reviews. Just do a search in Facebook and you can find dozens of groups. We’re active in a few, like Casita Owners of America and Casita Owners. There are also state specific groups, and we belong to a Florida group.

If we are away from home, we’re reluctant to post anything until we return for security reasons. But after the trip, it’s fun to post pictures and recommendations of sites and campgrounds.

I will also share photos on this blog under PICS. Just click on the menu in the header to select.