Ashburn, Georgia

We recently made an overnight trip in our Dixie Pixie to Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store. We stayed overnight in their RV Park, adjacent to the store.

Carroll’s Sausage RV Park

We arrived at lunch, just in time to sample some of the sausages We had lunch on the porch seated at one of the picnic tables. I had a Vidalia Onion sausage dog and Butch had a pulled pork barbecue sandwich.

Carroll’s is a busy travel stop, with clean restrooms and plenty of snacks. Regulars show up with coolers or insulated bags in preparation for serious meat shopping.

Although close to I-75, the RV Park is reasonably quiet and peaceful. We had a delicious breakfast in our Dixie Pixie of eggs, toast, and Carroll’s medium sausage patties. Very tasty!

We left with our freezer full of pork chops, pork cubed steaks, stew beef, and more breakfast sausage patties.

We enjoyed our short outing and camping in Dixie Pixie again.


Mixing it Up

The Dixie Pixie has limited space for cooking, yet preparing our meals is one of my favorite reasons for traveling in an RV. Especially during the COVID19 restrictions, it’s safer to cook your own food and keep your distance from others in crowded restaurants.

No wonder there’s been a surge in RV sales. Camping is the best way to travel while observing social distancing. But cooking in the tiny Dixie Pixie can be challenging, and I’ve had to reassess what tools I need.

In an earlier post, I mentioned missing my Vitamix and our daily smoothies. Now I have a solution! Vitamix offers an immersion blender. The wand-style blender takes up about as much room as a curling wand, an easy fit in my galley drawer.

With the Vitamix immersion blender, I can create a smoothie in a cup or large-mouth jar, anything at least 3” in diameter. I can thicken soups or blend sauces right in the cooking pot.

Vitamix blenders are not a camping necessity. I’ve managed thickening soups using a potato masher and smoothing gravy with a whisk. But if I can have the convenience of a powerful blender without sacrificing space, I’ll take it. I call it my Dixie Pixie Mixie. 😉

For information about the Vitamix Immersion Blender, visit their website at

Cooking Aboard Dixie Pixie

Those who know me as author Cheryl Norman, know that I write cookbooks as well as fiction. I wrote a cookbook called Hasty Tasty RV Meals, but that was published during my motor homing days. Unfortunately, some of my advice from that book doesn’t apply to the tiny kitchen in my Casita. I don’t have a microwave oven, I don’t have room for a Vitamix, and my tiny freezer barely holds a bag of ice. Lately I’ve been thinking of writing a new cookbook specifically for those of us who travel in eggs. Perhaps I’ll title it Hasty Tasty Dixie Pixie Meals.  LOL

Preparing meals in tiny spaces is challenging but rewarding. We save money and calories to compensate for our occasional visits to local restaurants. Part of the fun of travel is sampling the local cuisine.

I’m still adapting to Dixie Pixie’s kitchen, so I’m not ready to share tips. However, I welcome your advice. Any tips on cooking aboard my Dixie Pixie? Please share a comment.