Maps and GPS

Butch swears my favorite book is an Atlas. I have one in my car, his truck, beside my recliner in the sunroom, and in the living room. I also have a pocket atlas in my briefcase for traveling to writing conferences and such.

I like the Walmart atlases and usually buy an updated copy every 2-3 years. These are basic Rand McNally road map atlases with the bonus of listing every Sam’s Club and Walmart location in the country. Not that we’re Walmartians, but you never know when traveling if you’ll need to shop.

We’re busy routing our upcoming vacation. AAA gives us maps and routes, and map apps give us turn-by-turn directions, but I still enjoy browsing the atlas books. If this trip is like any other, we will plan our trip as we go. We aren’t likely to make reservations or follow interstates. I’ll pull out my atlas and study the possibilities.

How about you? Do you follow a strict itinerary? Or do you travel without a plan? Whichever kind of traveler you are, enjoy the trip.

Dixie Pixie awaits her next adventure.


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